What Our Guests Write

What Joni & John Ashley wrote to me.

From: "JASHLEY" <jashley@attcanada.ca>

To: "Ken Palos" Subject: Thanks & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:23:11 -0400

Dear Ken

Thank you and your family for another wonderful visit to Scala House last week. John and I arrived off the early morning train from Scotland to find our apartment ready for us.

What a wonderful surprise. I know that you continue to work very hard to please your demanding guests. We appreciate it very, very much. While we were only able to stay for 4 days we were still impressed with the level of service and friendliness that everyone showed us. The smiles and recognition is worth more that I can say when travelling.

The apartment was spotless and all the amenities, perfect as usual. I hope you post this letter on your web site. The one I wrote after my last visit elicited a number of email enquiries about my experiences at Scala House and it has been great fun corresponding with people from the US, Australia and Japan. I welcome the opportunity to sing the praises of Scala House to everyone who writes.

Well it is midday on Christmas Eve and I am sure I have something to do, so I will simply end by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Palos family and to all the excellent staff of Scala House.

Hope to see you soon!

Joni & John Ashley

What Robert Finnerty wrote to me.

From: "Robert Finnerty" <rgf11@earthlink.net>

To: "Ken Palos" <ken@scala-house.co.uk>

Subject: Thank You for Kind Hospitality

Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 16:45:10 -0800

Dear Mr. Palos and Scala House Staff,

Since I returned home from my recent Scala House visit, I have been intending to write a thank you note expressing the gratitude that Richard Cullen and I feel for the kind hospitality that was extended to us.

I seem to be not very good at writing letters, so I am substituting an e-mail note to accomplish this goal. Please know that my thoughts are just as sincere even if the media is less elegant than a letter. We were sorry that we did not get to see you on this visit, Mr. Palos, but I am happy that you had the opportunity to be away for what was I hope a pleasant journey.

You can be sure that your competent staff at Scala House, Chris, Omar, Kahlil, and Boba took excellent care of us with unfailingly courteous and professional assistance for all our needs. We have visited London enough times that we really should be moving on to new destinations. However, when we consider where to plan new visits, London keeps getting the vote because of the comfort of your Scala House apartments.

Every time that we have visited, we seem to gain a higher appreciation for just how comfortable and well-located the Scala House apartments are. I am sure that before too much time passes, we will again be looking for an occasion to plan a trip to London and a return visit to Scala House.

The apartment to which we were assigned on recent visit was extremely comfortable. We very much appreciated the nice view, and we enjoyed the improvements that you have recently made to the facilities. With very best wishes to all of you at Scala House and your families for a happy holiday season.

Kind regards.

Robert Finnerty

What Pat Trasborg wrote to me.

From: PTrasborg@aol.com

Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 22:33:37 EDT

Subject: Re:Recent trip

To: ken@scala-house.co.uk


Fortunately, The kids and I had an uneventful trip home yesterday and are well into the regular routine.  Hardly seems like we were even away.

We would like to Thank You for all of your help in making our stay a pleasant one.  We really began to feel like the Scala house was our home away from home, we felt comforable and safe there, which is very important when  you are traveling with kids

The accomadations were wonderful and so convenient.  The front desk gentlemen were very helpful.  As a widow traveling with three teenage children abroad there were times that I felt overwhelmed, but the Scala House Staff helped to make it a pleasant experience.

They were always willing and able to help in all sorts of matters.  From watching our luggage upon arrival, sending an e-mail to family to let them know that we arrived safely, to mailing postcards, making arrangements for travel to and from the airport, letting me extend our stay and  booking our day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. 

They were very patient in answering questions regarding concerns that I had and in sharing information about life in London and Britain.  I would strongly recommend the Scala House to anyone traveling to London.

Once again thank you for helping me give my children an experience that hopefully they will never forget.

Pat Trasborg

What James K. Sunshine wrote to me.

Mon, 16 Jul 2001

Dear Mr. Palos,

I was the third person in the suite recently occupied by Jerry and Betty Downs (#16).

All of us were with the Oberlin College theater group. The Downs' had been on the tour twice before. This was my first time but it won't be the last. We had a spectacular time, due in no small measure to the hospitality, efficiency, and excellent facilities provided by you and the staff at Scala House.

I found the location almost perfect. Its close proximity to the Goodge Street underground, the excellent tapas restaurant on Charlotte Street, and that great Waterstone's bookstore make it hard to beat.

Your website, incidentally, is informative and easy to use. I will be back. Thanks again for running a fine establishment.


Jim Sunshine


What Nancy Ishihara wrote to me.

Fri, 6 Jul 2001

Thanks for the great accomodations on our recent vacation to London.

It really made a difference that we could cook our own meals since restaurant meals are not always enjoyable for young kids - or their parents! Also, the amount of space we had made it relaxing for everyone - the rest of our trip we all stayed in the same room often for more money!

The highlight of our whole trip was Regent's Park - I think we saw nearly everything it had to offer except Act II of Midsummer Night's Dream which we hope to catch at an outdoor theater (American spelling!) back here. Special thanks for sending and receiving our faxes to/from John while he was in Budapest. The kids thought that was really cool and have re-read them since we've been back.

We're glad Scala House was recommended to us and we will definitely recommend you to anyone traveling to London.

Thanks again.

Nancy Ishihara and family


What Sam Sprague wrote to me.

Sat, 16 Jun 2001

Dear Ken,

We are home again, after a painless flight.

Thanks to all at Scala House for a wonderful week in London! We'll recommend you all to anyone who asks. It was a terrific week all the way around. Special thanks to Chris for helping with the computer and the equipment in the flats.

Thanks to Ken for the recommendation for Pescatori -- it was our best meal in London.

Have a great summer.

Best regards,

Hal, Patty, Eliza & Sam Sprague (Flat #9)


What Melissa Carpenter wrote to me.

Tue, 17 Apr 2001

Dear Ken,

I realize this is terribly late, but we have had computer problems and I was without email for a time. I'm writing to let you know how much we appreciated the hospitality and comfort of the Scala House.

The arrangements worked out wonderful and your location made our day trips easy to arrange. We left in a frenzied rush because I set our alarm for pm instead of am (now I know the beauty of a 24 hour clock).

I apologize if we left too much of a mess. I would have done a better job if not so rushed. We will recommend Scala House to all of our traveling friends. We look forward to return to London one day and hope to stay with you again.

Thank you,

Melissa Carpenter and family...

Lynn, Sam and Sara

1st week of march.


What Gary F. Harrell wrote to me.

Wed, 8 Aug 2001

Dear Mr. Palos,

I am sorry that it took me so long to write, but we have been so terribly busy since we returned home.

Our stay at Scala House was absolutely wonderful (we were there the end of June and the first week of July with Clef and Mary Vaughan). We were in Suite 34, which afforded a most spectacular view from the balcony. The Parliament Buildings, Big Ben, The London Eye, all were visible right from our balcony! Of course, simply a good view does not make a great hotel, so I am also happy to report the service to be absolutely impeccable.

Housekeeping provided for all of our creature comforts while the desk clerks were all most helpful with our requests - from simple directions and suggestions, to arranging our transportation back to Gatwick. Sometimes it is difficult to define exactly what makes a memorable visit.

It just seems to be one of those occasions when everything fits together perfectly, and that is the best way I can describe our stay - It Was Wonderful!

Although this was my first visit to the UK, I do not intend it to be my last. I hope that whenever Lynn and I are in London we will again be able to call Scala House our home away from home.

Best regards,

Lynn and Gary Harrell

2006 West Oak Street El Dorado, Arkansas 71730-5279 U.S.A.

Gary F. Harrell <gharrell@arkansas.net>

What Michael Parisi wrote to me.

:Mon, 16 Jul 2001

Dear Ken,

I can't believe that it has been several months since our trip to London!

Life tends to move quickly when one is back to the daily routine. Never having been to London before this past April, I was concerned about our accommodations. An affordable, comfortable place in a safe, convenient location is important to us when we travel.

Needless to say, the Scala House exceeded our expectations. Not only did it meet the criteria above, you and your staff made us feel like family. In all our travels, I was never made to feel as immediately comfortable as I did upon my arrival (and throughout my stay) at the Scala House.

Thank you very much for the hospitality and for making our visit to London safe, comfortable and affordable. We have recommended (and will continue to do so) the Scala House to others without hesitation.

Michael, Lisa & Laura Parisi

Michael Parisi <mjparisi@home.com>

What Pat Daniels wrote to me.

Sun, 29 Apr 2001

Dear Ken and family,

The Daniels/Zingman family are all back in place in body, but in spirit, still in London.

The children couldn't stop talking about all the wonderful things they did and saw---and it always came back to "and we loved our apartments." Ann and Jon were absolutely delighted , and of course, Grandma sits back and grins. Thank you all so much.

And for all the "extras", extra thanks. The theater seats were splendid, and all your kindnesses were so much appreciated.

I look forward to my next visit. In the meantime, best wishes and again, many thanks.

Pat Daniels


What Perry McGee wrote to me.

Mon, 2 Apr 2001

Dear Ken and the staff at Scala House,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful time we spent at the Scala House March 17th - March 22, 2001.

I can't even describe how we appreciated your accommodations and the extra service you and your staff provided (specifically arranging for drivers to and from the airports, directions to attractions in the city, and the suggestions of things to do).

As you can imagine, the first visit to London can be overwhelming, but you and the entire staff, put us at ease. Thank you again, so much. I will definitely recommend the Scala House to anyone I encounter visiting London. Also, you can certainly count on a return visit from me as well.

Perry McGee

Mason City, Iowa, USA

Perry McGee <pmcgee@rconnect.com>

What Ann Glubzinski wrote to me.

Thu, 1 Mar 2001

Hello Scala House

We have been home a week and still can't wait to tell our friends about our trip to London. Just want to say thanks to your staff for their helpfulness.

We will never be able to express our appreciation for your directing us to the Fulham football match. It was a memorable day. Also your patience in giving us direction and travelers advice was so kind.

Our accomodations at Scala House were just fine. It was nice for our family to have the space to spread out for the week. Also, your location is so convenient, just like you said it would be.

Thanks again.


Ann Glubzinski

B Glub <bglub@bignet.net>

What Ralph and Jeremy Brown wrote to me.

Tue, 27 Feb 2001

Dear Ken,

This is to let you know how much we enjoyed yet another holiday at Scala House. Even the weather was unseasonably fair.

We thank your staff and especially Chris for their courteous attention to detail. We were saddened to learn about your brother's illness and wish him a full and speedy recovery.

We look forward to another holiday at Scala House next year.

Best wishes,

Ralph and Jeremy Brown


What MARK LEIGHTON wrote to me.

Sat, 10 Feb 2001

Dear Ken and the Scala House Team

This is just a quick message to say thank you very much for your efficiency and friendliness, which helped us to have a wonderfull stay in London.

Your efficiency was first class, right from our initial enquiry. We found Scala House to be superbly located, and the flat was very clean, well-equipped and quiet. Lots of room! We were also pleased to be high up on the ninth floor with great views.

The staff were all friendly and helpfull. Altogether excellent.

Thanks again. Mark and Aya


What Jez Ford & Deanna Sorensen wrote to me.

Thu, 26 Oct 2000

Dear Mr Palos,

We hardly had a chance to say goodbye as we were assisted into our Heathrow taxi last Friday, so please accept our thanks for a wonderful stay.

Your staff were genuinely friendly, most helpful and highly efficient - not a single mistake or missed message in our whole time in London. No wonder you came recommended.

Our thanks and kind regards,

Jez Ford & Deanna Sorensen

Stroudgate Australasia

Jez <editorial@stroudgate.net>

What Donald Clark wrote to me.

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000

Subject: Regards

Thanks again for Scala House... We had a lovely time, and enjoyed visiting once again with Chris....

See you again in the near future as our travel plans allow....

All the best,

Your friends in Phoenix, Arizona,

Don and Sue Clark

Donald Clark <donald.clark@myplant.com>

What Barb Mayer wrote to me.


To: ken@scala-house.co.uk


We owe you a real thank-you for the time we spent at Scala House.

As I'm sure you well remember, the weather was the coldest that London has experienced for some years. We really, really appreciated the two extra portable heaters that we found in our rooms. Talk about "above and beyond the call of duty" -- this was it! The weather was so cold that the central heating didn't have a chance to keep up; the two heaters were essential for comfort, and to have them supplied without even asking was incredible! You would have to really look to find a hotel with this kind of service as standard!

I read several of the letters that you have on your Internet pages (not all of them), but I didn't see any from the female point of view. What I very much appreciated was the amount of cutlery, glassware, and dinnerware in the kitchen. Although we were in an apartment for four people, there was enough for at least 10 people -- which meant that I did not have to run the dishwasher after every meal in order to have a glass the next time we needed one! I also very much appreciated having the beds changed, fresh towels put out, and the apartment cleaned in the middle of the week at no extra charge. That is a wonderful extra service.

There are a few little extras that I would like to request -- not essentials, just nice-to-haves! The kitchen could use some potholders so that things can removed from the oven without burning your fingers. The towels are not quite the right tools for this! There are hooks to hang up the towels on the wall but no hangers on the towels themselves. Another request -- more urgent than the previous one -- is for washcloths to be supplied with the towels. I know that it is common practice in Europe to bring your own (and then carry the wet thing back home!), but Americans forget (or don't know) this.

Although this was mentioned by others, let me add our thanks for the prompt service we received from you and your sons. We had a minor problem with the shower (a hole in the hose) which I reported to you on Saturday morning. I was so surprised that your son came right up and replaced the hose with a new one! I had expected it to be fixed maybe on Monday at the earliest! Or the light bulbs that blew out -- replaced by new ones within 5 minutes! How can the hotels in London still compete with you?

Again, thanks a million for the great week (despite the weather!)! We will definitely be back. I've also passed your card on to several friends!


I attach below something posted on Compuserve about Scala. You may find this interesting.

From the messages of UK Travel Forum of Compuserve on October 22, 1996. Compuserve Member, Stuart, 105423,3427 posted a Subject:

London Town
Scala House

We are thinking of renting a flat at Scala House near the British Museum. Any comments? Thanks. Stuart

Then came a reply from Compuserve Member Sophia 106345,442 :

Scala House It is absolutely a wonderful place to stay - everything in a great kitchen you could want and the owners/hosts are the most accommodating and genial you can find. They really bend over backwards to make you feel welcome and assist you. Flats are immaculate, well furnished and very spacious. Location is excellent with plenty of everything well within walking distance and the Goodge street tube is a stone's throw away.

They can be reached at

WWW site: http://www.scala-house.co.uk

tel: 00 44 171 580 6644
fax: 00 44 171 636 3405 >

-----) In reply Compuserve Member, Stuart, 105423,3427 wrote:

Sophia Thank you for the reply. Could you tell me more about the physical characteristics of the units. Are they in good condition, how are the furnishings, are they clean, etc ? I'm pretty sure we will book there, but I just need a little more info. Stuart

----) Sophia replied: ---------------

They are very clean and they send cleaners up twice per week - if you like you can arrange for 7 days but we found the two held us quite well. The furnishings are all are typical English contemporary but certainly clean and nothing to apologize for. Very comfortable and as I recall they even switched the one bedroom into an office with desk to accommodate my husband.

Each unit has two bedrooms, one double and one single with a full bath and half bath. Closet space is exceptionally large (double in the master bedroom, single in the small bedroom and two hall storage closets for luggage and cleaning appliances. They provide vacuum, broom, mop, washer, dryer and dishwasher together with microwave. They keep the dishwasher and washer soap stocked for you also at no charge. Kitchens are fully stocked with everything you need to cook as little or as much as you wish. Refrig/ and all appliances (iron, electric kettle, toaster etc.) are all rather new.

Lounge is very nice and contains table with four chairs for eating - color tv with 4 main channels. I would not describe it as "posh" or out of some magazine, but very practical, clean and comfortable. They also have a mini-cab who does meet and greet at the airports for a flat rate and in the event you need a cab and can't get one (very unusual) they will also call them for you.

Right outside the door is a place for sweet rolls, coffee, and across the street is the news agent. Scala has a pick up for your cleaning or your laundry if you don't care to use the provided washer, dryer. The thing we liked was that although always full the apartments are very good on sound, they have proper electrical to put up your computer,. modem etc) and your not bothered by noise from other units.

They are very congenial and helpful and have 24 hour switchboard and security at the door. You can walk to Tottenham Road, down to Charing (if you like to walk), catch a cab on most corners or walk about 5 blocks to Oxford St. Very central to get to most any part of London and yet out of the mish-mash if you want a quieter evening. Just down the road on Tottenham we found a Radisson hotel (Radisson Grafton I think) who provided very nice afternoon tea for nominal sum, nice roast chicken dinners for nominal price.

End of message<--

It was also gratifying to see in the <Newsgroups rec.travel.europe> an article with the <Subject: Scala House, London>.

It is pleasing to provide herebelow the full text.


My wife and I have just returned home from two weeks in Britain. We spent 12 days in London, and stayed at the Scala House.

The Scala House rents apartments (or as the British say, "lets flats"). It is conveniently located just around the corner from Goodge Street tube station and Tottenham Court Road. The rooms are clean and modern, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen including dishwasher and washer/dryer.

The owner, Ken Palos, his three sons, and staff are very friendly and helpful. They made our stay quite enjoyable. There is a supermarket a block away, and there are pubs, sandwich shops, and a news agent's in the immediate area. Cyberia Cafe is just around the corner - we TELNET'ed into our home Internet service provider from there, and kept up on our e-mail (2.50 pounds per half hour).

We were very pleased with the accomodations, location, price and the excellent service. Scala House has a nice on-line brochure at http://www.scala-house.co.uk Mr Palos can be reached via e-mail at ken@scala-house.co.uk --

==David Dawson=====ddawson@eskimo.com="Mean old 'Frisco, and that low-down Santa Fe"====Seattle, WA USA=- Big Bill Broonzy=======


What Murray Bob wrote to me.

The complete and unedited text that was posted in the Newsgroup <rec.travel.europe>


I had such a good experience with Scala-House that I researched over the Internet that I wanted to share my letter to the owner.

Dear Ken,

My family and I would like to thank you, George and Michael for making our stay such a pleasureable one. At first I was concerned about booking Scala-House sight unseen over the Internet. I didn't know London, and was concerned about the neighborhood and cleanliness of your apartments. After checking a reference and getting a good report, I decided to "take a chance".

Upon arriving at Scala-House we were warmly greated by you. Josh was not feeling well and you made him comfortable and tried to get us in early as well as offering us drinks. After talking with you we felt very comfortable in our decision. The apartment was excellent, it far exceeded our expectations. The location was great and so was all your advice. Everything you said in your FAQ and emails to me was on the money.

Any time we had questions or needed something you all we there to serve. You went above and beyond the call of duty in getting us the Tommy tickets, it was the highlight of our trip.

I enjoyed the conversations with you and your sons very much. We felt like we were staying with a friend rather than an impersonal hotel. If you or your sons come to the Boston area I welcome you to be guests at our house.

Even though London, in general, was quite expensive, we found two bargains:

1. A soda for 40p at Gatwick airport

2. A week at Scala-House.

I wish you continued success and look forward to staying with you the next time we visit London.

Best Wishes, Murray, Marianne and Josh Bob

-- Murray Bob murrayb@tiac.net

Data Distributors Inc.

5 Branch Street Methuen,

MA 01844

508-688-3088 ext 1029


What Dave Jensen, author, journalist and critic wrote about Scala House.

From: SMI@sedona.net (Dave Jensen)

Newsgroups: rec.travel.europe

Subject: WWW Hotel Review - Scala House, London

Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 16:28:35 -0700

Organization: Search Masters International

My family and I just returned from London, where we had a one-week stay at the Scala House self-catering apartments in central London.

It was a wonderful stay. I couldn't recommend this place more highly . . . The family that runs the converted apartment building, the Palos's, make it a highly personal visit. Besides being very clean, large rooms (we had twice the size of the usual hotel, for about 20% less expense) the property is made extra special by the hosts.

Here's an example of what I mean . . . When arriving on Sunday with no place to exchange my US Dollars, I asked at the front desk if I could do an exchange with them. Mr. Palos, and later one of his sons as well, just reached into his pocket and made us a loan of a hundred pounds or so in "spending money" until we could get to the bank and repay him the next day. Can you imagine this happening in any typical "hotel room"?

The location is fine, in a quiet residential neighborhood with nice pubs, a tube stop, and an "internet cafe" right on the block. I highly recommend them, and they are on the WWW at


Dave Jensen

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