Recent Letters

Jon Paul Shafer writes:

From: "Jon Paul Shafer" <>

From: "Jon Paul Shafer" <>

To: "Palos, Ken" <>

Subject: Thank you

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 07:26:19 -0700

Dear Mr. Palos,

We stayed at Scala House last week for the first time. Thank you for having such a great place and kind staff.

We felt very welcomed and are quite happy with our stay. Thanks again.

We look forward to staying at your place again.


Jon Shafer

What Joni & John Ashley wrote to me.

From: "JASHLEY" <>

To: "Ken Palos" Subject: Thanks & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:23:11 -0400

Dear Ken

Thank you and your family for another wonderful visit to Scala House last week. John and I arrived off the early morning train from Scotland to find our apartment ready for us.

What a wonderful surprise. I know that you continue to work very hard to please your demanding guests. We appreciate it very, very much. While we were only able to stay for 4 days we were still impressed with the level of service and friendliness that everyone showed us. The smiles and recognition is worth more that I can say when travelling.

The apartment was spotless and all the amenities, perfect as usual. I hope you post this letter on your web site. The one I wrote after my last visit elicited a number of email enquiries about my experiences at Scala House and it has been great fun corresponding with people from the US, Australia and Japan. I welcome the opportunity to sing the praises of Scala House to everyone who writes.

Well it is midday on Christmas Eve and I am sure I have something to do, so I will simply end by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Palos family and to all the excellent staff of Scala House.

Hope to see you soon!

Joni & John Ashley

What Robert Finnerty wrote to me.

From: "Robert Finnerty" <>

To: "Ken Palos" <>

Subject: Thank You for Kind Hospitality

Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 16:45:10 -0800

Dear Mr. Palos and Scala House Staff,

Since I returned home from my recent Scala House visit, I have been intending to write a thank you note expressing the gratitude that Richard Cullen and I feel for the kind hospitality that was extended to us.

I seem to be not very good at writing letters, so I am substituting an e-mail note to accomplish this goal. Please know that my thoughts are just as sincere even if the media is less elegant than a letter. We were sorry that we did not get to see you on this visit, Mr. Palos, but I am happy that you had the opportunity to be away for what was I hope a pleasant journey.

You can be sure that your competent staff at Scala House, Chris, Omar, Kahlil, and Boba took excellent care of us with unfailingly courteous and professional assistance for all our needs. We have visited London enough times that we really should be moving on to new destinations. However, when we consider where to plan new visits, London keeps getting the vote because of the comfort of your Scala House apartments.

Every time that we have visited, we seem to gain a higher appreciation for just how comfortable and well-located the Scala House apartments are. I am sure that before too much time passes, we will again be looking for an occasion to plan a trip to London and a return visit to Scala House.

The apartment to which we were assigned on recent visit was extremely comfortable. We very much appreciated the nice view, and we enjoyed the improvements that you have recently made to the facilities. With very best wishes to all of you at Scala House and your families for a happy holiday season.

Kind regards.

Robert Finnerty

What Pat Trasborg wrote to me.


Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 22:33:37 EDT

Subject: Re:Recent trip



Fortunately, The kids and I had an uneventful trip home yesterday and are well into the regular routine.  Hardly seems like we were even away.

We would like to Thank You for all of your help in making our stay a pleasant one.  We really began to feel like the Scala house was our home away from home, we felt comforable and safe there, which is very important when  you are traveling with kids

The accomadations were wonderful and so convenient.  The front desk gentlemen were very helpful.  As a widow traveling with three teenage children abroad there were times that I felt overwhelmed, but the Scala House Staff helped to make it a pleasant experience.

They were always willing and able to help in all sorts of matters.  From watching our luggage upon arrival, sending an e-mail to family to let them know that we arrived safely, to mailing postcards, making arrangements for travel to and from the airport, letting me extend our stay and  booking our day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. 

They were very patient in answering questions regarding concerns that I had and in sharing information about life in London and Britain.  I would strongly recommend the Scala House to anyone traveling to London.

Once again thank you for helping me give my children an experience that hopefully they will never forget.

Pat Trasborg

Lynn Brooks Writes:


Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 21:37:41 EDT

Subject: Thank you


Dear Ken,

We've already told several people about Scala House. It's a great place, a great location and, most importantly you are so nice! All the staff really went out of their way to be helpful, offer good advice, and provide whatever we needed.

From the day we first contacted you, until the day we left, you helped us to have a perfect time in London!

I can't thank you enough!!! Your offer to lend me your personal world-wide phone because my 92 year old mother was in the hospital and, if necessary, I needed to be available, was over and above what most people would do.

Don't hesitate to have any potential guests contact me for advice, or post what I have to say on your web site.

I would recommend Scala House to anyone.

I hope to be back

Lynn Brooks

Jose Eduardo Mendonça Writes:

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 02:49:14 -0300

Subject: thanks From: <>


Dear all,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful time we had - what with that unusual summer and all. The flat was very comfortable and such a nice place to be after long journeys all over beautiful London.

We expect to go back there as soon as we have an opportunity, and of course Scala will be our place of choice.

The second day we were there, our youngest daughter, age 10, commented on one of you guys: "Look dad, this man looks happy in his job and he enjoys what he's doing." Sensitive people, children, and she was just translating the feeling that you are able to convey to your guests.

Many thanks,

Jose Eduardo Mendonça

Kim Jack Riley Writes:

From: "Riley, Kim" <>


Subject: thanks

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:45:56 -0400

Hello Ken,

I have heard that my friends, booked in the name of Tara Stevens/Williams, enjoyed a wonderful stay last week on the 10th floor.

They were very pleased with your facility and grateful to us for the recommendation.

They are anxious to plan another trip to England and I certainly hope we can do the same!

Hope your family is well.

Kim Jack Riley

Reporter North Jersey Community Newspapers

Weekday email <>

Weekend email

Coleman, David Writes:

Fri, 16 Nov 2001


Please accept Kinder Morgan's thanks for providing an excellent place to both lay our collective heads and also perform work that our group would have been hard pressed to perform in another venue.

When we next need this type arrangement, we will certainly come and stay with you again.

Best regards


David L. Coleman, Manager

Business Development

Kinder Morgan CO2, L.P.

Waltraut Lehmann Writes:

Mon, 17 Sep 2001

Dear Mr. Palos:

We sincerely hope you and your family are well. I see on your website that you are travelling to New York shortly, and we wish you and Mrs. Palos a safe trip.

We have been following the news about the September 11 tragedy ever since we woke up to it last Tuesday morning, we were numb with horror and disbelief for a long time. As far away as we are here, we know our lives will never be the same. The airport is slowly getting back to normal operations; last week the empty blue sky (we had lovely weather all week) was quite eerie, not a plane in sight except for the lonely F-15 fighter that patrolled overhead (Christopher identified it for us, since he's our expert on aircraft).

We also feel as you do that to stop plans and activities, unless patently unsafe, would mean the terrorists have won. We will not let that happen. Frank and I have for some time planned a trip to London next February, while Christopher is off to Thailand on a class trip.

Our plans are still a little uncertain. We have tentatively fixed our visit as follows: arrival from Seattle on Friday, February 22, return flight home on Sunday, March 3. We are hoping that you will have an apartment available for the two of us during that time. If you could reserve it tentatively, we would appreciate it very much indeed; we will firm up the booking as soon as we have solid dates.

We very much look forward to seeing you in London in February. Today is a very typical Seattle day, gray skies and a fine mist in the air -- what we call "vertical fog." Christopher is in eighth grade and has grown to over 6 feet tall. He objected a little to our plans of a London trip without him, but we have promised to plan another trip with him not too long after.

All our best wishes to you and your entire family, and again, a safe journey to you when you go to New York.

Best regards,

Waltraut Lehmann

Waltraut Lehmann <>

Paul Rosenberg Writes:

Mon, 12 Nov 2001

Hi Ken,

I just read the news of your visit to NYC. I too, will not allow terrorist acts to change my life. I was home when I heard the first plane crash. I stepped out on my balcony and when I saw the second plane I thought it was there to survey the damage in order to help. I snapped the attached photo just after the second crash.

Although she was afraid to fly at first, I persuaded my sister to join me for the second week of my stay at the Scala House. I hope my sister joining me will be OK with you. I will see you in a few days.

Yours Truly,

Paul Rosenberg


Derek Sargent White Writes:

Mon, 28 May 2001

Dear Ken,

I am sorry we missed you on our second week at Scala House so please accept this as a message of thanks and appreciation.

The discovery of Scala House was one of the highlights of our recent trip and we will certainly be recommending it to our friends as convenient, comfortable, clean and very good value. The courtesy and assistance of your staff was also very much appreciated.

With our regards and thanks,

Derek & Margaret White

Jorge Rodriguez Writes:

Mon, 19 Mar 2001


I wanted to send you a note to thank you and all of the people at Scala House who helped make our visit perfect.

My family and I enjoyed our stay tremendously and are looking forward to returning soon.

Thank you again for a wonderful stay at Scala House.

Jorge and Debra Rodriguez

Indianapolis, IN.

Barbara Busch Writes:

Sat, 17 Mar 2001

Hello, Mr. Palos.

Just wanted to send a brief message to you and all the members of your wonderful international team!

All in our party had a wonderful time in London and much of our enjoyment stemmed from our wonderful lodgings at Scala House!

We tell everybody we know about you and look forward very much to your next visit.

Thank you all again, a million!

Barbara Busch

David Goldstein Writes:

Thu, 8 Mar 2001

Dear Ken:

We're finally home, despite the blizzard!

So, I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Scala House.

The apartment was lovely --- clean, quiet, and convenient --- and all of your staff were most courteous and helpful.

Unless we're invited next to Buckingham Palace, we will definitely stay with you again when we return to London in the future.

Best wishes,

David Goldstein

The Reverend Russell S JoyceWrites:

Dear Palos Family,

Many thanks for the Christmas Card. It was nice to hear from you all and it certainly brought back many happy memories of our stay with you in March 1998.

We had hoped to be over in 2001 but looks more like 2002, so we will be in touch. No better place to stay than our "London Home". Please note that I have moved, so please ammend your records accordingly from Werribee to Brighton Beach (as below). Many thanks

We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Cheers Elizabeth and Russell

The Reverend Russell S Joyce

Russell S Joyce <>

Jim & Sue Hangilias write:

Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Dear Ken,

Many thanks to yourself and your staff for your hospitality during our recent stay.

We were last at Scala about 5 years ago and it was pleasing to find the same high standards that we had previously experienced.

We will be back!


Jim & Sue Hangilias

Jim <>

Bud and Mary Write:

Thursday 2 November, 2000

Dear Ken,

We arrived LAX last night around 6:00pm local time and had no problem getting our luggage and passing through customs. One of our daughters picked us up at the airport and drove us home. The plane was 100 percent full and the flight was long and tiresome.

We had a wonderful visit, but it was good to get home. We want to thank you once more for being such a great host and making our stay such a memorable one. We have travelled all over Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, China and many places in the South Pacific and I can truthfully say that your hospitality far surpassed anything we have experienced in all our travels.

Your wife, and your staff were also very pleasant, helpful and made us feel right at home. You and your staff couldn't have been nicer. Unfortunately, we repaid your kindness by making off with your wine cork puller! We had brought one with us, exactly like it, but never used ours. When packing up, Mary thought it was ours and put it with our belongings. We didn't notice it until we got home. Mary suggested that we could bring it along on our next visit, if we are still welcome, but that may be a year away, so I will send it to you in the near future.

We are going to do some surfing on the internet to try to find reports on Scala House, and when we do, we will pass them on to you. Also the details on how you might find them yourself when you get a little time to play on the computer. In the meantime, stay well, keep on being of good cheer and we hope to keep in touch.

Very truly yours,

The Brandels

P.S. Saw this in the newspaper on the trip back and it rings true: " Any day you are not below ground is a good day!"

David Pederson Writes:

Thu, 31 Aug 2000

Hi Ken and staff- thanks again for all that you did to make our work in London less stressful.

It was wonderful to have a secure home base to work from. There are tentative plans for us to return in June, 2002, so we will probably see you again.

best wishes,

david pederson

david pederson <>

Les Wrigley Writes:

Sun, 27 May 2001

Dear Ken,

Thank you for the usual Scala House hospitality which we so enjoyed during our stay this year.

Chris greeted us upon our arrival and was always such a cheerful and helpful presence. The apartment was so very comfortable (a view of the dome of St. Paul's was certainly a bonus!) and we feel that it is really "home away from home."

I am sorry that we did not see you, but I spoke with Gregory who told me you were on holiday in Greece. I hope you had a pleasant time.

Best wishes,

Les Wrigley

Janet Mackenzie Writes:

"Janet Mackenzie <>

Dear Ken and family,

We have once more had a most pleasant stay at Scala House which really feels like a second home now - you are the best thing we have ever found on the Internet!

Thanks for your warm welcome and helpfulness at all times, however under stess you may be (you all work very hard, as we cannot fail to notice) - a nice surprise in such a tourist-ridden city.

And once again, as always, full marks for the well-equipped kitchen (we were able to entertain an old school friend of mine as well as if we had been at home - everything was there and it all worked, except the toaster, which you instantly replaced). Spare blankets, lots of towels, a warm bathroom and a shower that actually works - no mean feat in England - it is just so different to the various dreary hotels we were forced to stay in before we discovered Scala House.

As soon as the Wigmore Hall lets us know its plans for next autumn we will be on the phone to book our appartment.

In the mean time, a very happy Chistmas and a great milennium celebration.

Yours sincerely

Janet MacKenzie and Gabi Prechtl

Norman Boniface Writes:

"Norm Boniface" <>

Dear Ken  

Thank you so much for looking after my accommodation needs when I was in London for the first time recently. 

My wife and I and our two adult travelling companions really enjoyed our stay in your fine city.  Of course the fine weather helped but your attendance to our requirements topped things off beautifully.  

After three weeks in Europe and almost three driving around UK and Ireland we were looking forward to our last "relaxing" week in London based at Scala House.  While our holiday schedule was hectic the courteous and helpful manner of your staff helped to smooth out those wrinkles one might have when first visiting a such grand city for the first time.  

If I have occasion to recommend an accommodation venue in London yours will be the first to spring to mind.   In particular, your location is well-suited for tourists wanting to maximise their free time in leisure pursuits.  Being so close to Goodge Street Station on the underground allowed us to visit all the important sites in quick time.  The nearby supermarket shopping, wide variety of eating houses and pubs gave us the opportunities we needed for survival and recreation in close proximity to the apartment.  

When I first viewed your internet website when looking for a place to stay in London, I was slightly sceptical.  It sounded too good to be true.  Scala House seemed to meet all our requirements at a reasonable price.  Our follow up communication by email was reassuring. 

I was even more pleased upon our arrival to meet such helpful staff.  Chris took care of the ladies by showing them the features of the accommodation, including the laundry and kitchen facilities.  This was very important when settling in.  After a long period on the road, we were looking for a place to attend to our laundry and have a home cooked meal for a change. 

The large living area in the apartment accommodated four adults in a relaxing environment.  The second double bed room was functional and adequate, while the second separate toilet was a welcome advantage at busy times. 

I was surprised that all kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery was in ample supply and good condition.  I have stayed in places where you just manage to scrape by.  Not so at Scala House.  

Ken, your personal assistance in providing advice on the storage of our surplus luggage at Heathrow and in organising our transport to the airport upon our departure was much appreciated.  Our driver, John was great company on the journey to Heathrow.  Please send him my regards. 

This capped off a most enjoyable stay in London at Scala House.  I hope that we can enjoy this experience again in the not too far distant future.   Until then, take care and remain accommodating - a great ambassador for London.  

Kind regards to you, your wife and staff from us all now safely home in Australia.

  Norm Boniface and my wife Sandra, cousin Gayl and her husband Wayne Neilsen

1 Cam Lane

Annerley 4104

via Brisbane,




Rochelle Rowlette writes:

Email:    <>

Dear Ken,

Just a quick note to thank you for much for all of your assistance during our recent stay. The flat was just perfect for us and provided quite a nice haven while we weren't out and about.

Your directions and assistance during our stay were deeply appreciated. Truly, we felt at home while staying at Scala House!

We shall return and would love to stay at Scala House again.

Best wishes,

Rochelle Rowlette, Raymond Fay, and Susan Schroeder

Gordon Seward writes:

Email:    <>

Greetings to all at Scala House!

We had a wonderful stay with you and will remember all the extra care you gave us.

As you know, we have stayed in many places in London, but you made us the most comfortable and treated us like family. We had a good trip back and found everything O.K. at home. We had two inches of snow two days later!!

Ken, please tell your wife how happy we were to meet her and tell her my mother was being discharged from the hospital today. Let's hope she will continue to get stronger.We will certainly tell everyone heading to London about you and will ourselves be back soon.

We know you are fully booked for quite sometime but please keep us updated on availability.

We ,of course, will check your website frequently!!!

Many ,many thanks to you all,

Isobel and Gordon Seward.


Professor Velga Stokes writes:


Dear Ken,

We are now safely back at home and at work, and we want to thank you again for making our London visit so enjoyable.

We very much appreciated being able to enjoy one of our favorite views again! As always, the flat was most comfortable. We made good use of the kitchen for breakfasts and even for a couple of quick dinners -- so easy to do with the good food stores in the area.

And thank you especially for booking all the theatre tickets for us. All the seats were excellent, and it was such a pleasure to have the tickets ready and waiting for us, and not to have to go from box office to box office during our short stay.

Seeing Judi Dench was a real treat, as was watching the Royal Shakespeare Company. The performances of Pirates of Penzance and of Arabian Nights were pure fun. We enjoyed it all immensely.

We are so pleased to consider Scala House our London 'home' -- we can hardly believe this was our fourth visit! We look forward to many more, and we are very grateful for all your efforts in making our visits so comfortable and memorable.

Peter and Velga

Dorothy Kiser writes:


Dear Ken,

Diane, Joyce, Amy and Sarah had such a wonderful time in London this fall and I want to express my appreciation of your gracious hospitality. 

I'm so glad that Amy and Sarah had an opportunity to revisit and spend time in the penthouse flat.  They have such fond memories of our 1992 stay at the Scala House and the friendship of your family.

Ray and I are looking forward to another trip to London and, of course, we would like to stay with you again.  We have'nt formally planned our trip but hope to do so in the next year.  Last year we spent three weeks in Italy and a week in the Caribbean.  We have also been to Europe twice since our stay with you. 

But the most pleasant memory of all our excursions is our two months at Scala House and the hospitality of the Palos family.

Once again, thank you for taking such good care of our family.  Please extend our fondest regards to all the family.

Fondly, Ray and Dorothy Kiser

Virginia Weston writes:

Virginia Weston <>


The flowers were but a small token of OUR gratitude to all of you! My father and I are in complete agreement that our accommodations at Scala House MADE our entire trip!

It was wonderful to "go home" after a long day tramping around, and relax and plan the next days' activities.

When I was young, my Dad did a lot of traveling and he has an abhorrence of hotels. They are so impersonal, you can never really relax. That was NOT the case with Scala.

We got all the advantages of a private residence - and the advantages of a hotel, too because there was always someone at the front desk to answer our questions and help us out with transportation, directions, etc. It was truly the best of both worlds.

I repeat my offer to you when we left: FEEL FREE TO GIVE OUT MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE A PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION ON SCALA HOUSE! (I love to receive email and, even more, I strongly believe in giving praise where praise is due.)

It will be NO inconvenience for me and I would love to pass on our experience to someone who is looking for a place to stay in London.

Thanks again!


From: Ken Palos to Virginia
"Thanks for the flowers"

Dear Virginia,

I am overwhelmed and indeed lost for words for your most kind thought and generosity to send such a magnificent bouquet of flowers.

Your kind words when leaving us were more than adequate. It was a pleasure having you here and it will be an even greater pleasure and an honour to have such nice people as you and Norman for a return visit.

I will always remember your beautiful flowers and your most generous gesture.

Kindest regards and many thanks to you both.

Ken Palos

Per Erik Knive from Norway writes

Per Erik Knive <>

Hello Ken:

Sorry for not writing earlier, but you know how it is, time flies almost too fast. Thank you for the lovely stay in February this year when my wife Kari and our son Per Anders, stayed in one of your apartmens for a week.

Being a bit sceptical beforehand, knowing the standard of British tourist hotels we were plesantly satisfied by the standard of your flats. So satisfied that we have started a by word of mouth campaign among relatives and friends for your accomodation, which in time might increase the influx of Norwegian guests.

The close proximity to everything needed, the Tesco, the pub, the Cyberian Cafe with Internet connections, the Tube, it could not have been better. Being seasoned London visitors, having lived there for three years, we appricate the good things about London and take all the other things in our stride.

All posssible regards to you, your sons and your wife, we look forward to our next stay in London which I'm sure will be at Scala House.

Regard from Per Erik, Per Anders and Kari Knive

Joni Ashley and family writes

Hi Ken,

Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia!!!!!!!!

Well we made it home after a wonderful week in London followed by eight busy days up north in Yorkshire and Scotland.

I had to write to say thank you again. My husband and my daughters and I had a marvellous visit in London, made all the better by the excellent apartment and service that Scala House provided.

The penthouse was even more than I expected. The space was great. When you have 2 daughters, one who is in England at university, coming together to share space for a week those 2 1/2 bathrooms are a real gift.

The living room and dining room were large and the furnishings very comfortable. We all easily relaxed together withour feeling crowded.

The kitchen was the real surprise. We have rented apartments in London before and the let down is usually in the kitchen facilites. But not this time. The space, appliances, dishes and cooking utensils were all that I needed. I easily managed to host a small birthday party for friends as if I were home in my own kitchen.

The one small problem we had with the washing machine was responded to so quickly that your son arrived to fix the washer, before I had finished sorting the clothes. When the washer in our flat could not be immediately repaired, he transported the laundry to another flat and put it in for me. Now that is service you never get in hotels and B&B's.

The crowning glory to the flat, of course, is the 3 sided wrap around balcony and it's view. I love London and to be able to look out any glass door or over the sink in the kitchen and see it unfolding before me was wonderful. Well I could go on and on, but I will stop here and close by saying that our next London trip is already in the works and Scala House is definately our home from now on. Also, I will take every opportunity I have to pass on recommendations about Scala House to anyone I know that is travelling to London.

I hope that your high season is busy, successful and fun!! Best wishes to you and your family

Joni Ashley and family

Fri, 3 Apr 1998 06:58:29

Alan Thompson writes

Dear Ken:
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay.
When we visit London again, we will surely plan to stay with you at Scala House.

Thanks for your assistance and gracious hospitality.
Sincerely Alan Thompson

Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998

Robert and Carole Kidder write

Dear Ken,

Thank you from both of us and from our cousin, Marilyn Hoedt, for wonderful accommodations during our visit to London recently. Bob and I have been coming to London for nearly 20 years and we wish we had known about Scala House all those times! We certainly will stay there in future, if you have vacancies, and will try to book early enough to ensure that there will be space for us.

Our two sons also like to visit London and were pleased to learn how well satisfied we were with Scala House. Now they too want to come and stay there! Bob and I and our son Joe had stayed in B&B's and in small hotels during our early trips. Then Marilyn was assigned to a London post through her job and had a flat in South we stayed with her. She returned to the USA last summer and we were all wondering where we could stay and have the same kind of space and freedom that one has in a flat. Neither a hotel nor a B&B would satisfy us any more.

Scala House has given us our answer and it feels good to know that whenever we are able to come to London, we know where we will try to stay. Marilyn is hoping to return too, with her sisters, who also like visiting London. So we hope you don't get TOO popular! I told you that we had seen a number of positive notices on chat boards about Scala House and we found all the praise very well based. We arrived home 2 days ago and are still enjoying many memories of pleasant days in London and in Scala House.

Thank you and your family and staff very much. We look forward to seeing you again.

Sincerely, Robert and Carole Kidder

Geoff Lacey writes

Mon, 2 Mar 1998

Dear Mr Palos

Just a short note to thank you very much for making our London holiday such a wonderful event. The apartments more than lived up to our expectations and your family's hospitality during each of our three periods at Scala House was very much appreciated.

I know that the two younger children, in particular, were delighted to be living in a warm and friendly environment in the middle of such a large city, especially at Christmas time. The location was excellent, with the Tube and Tesco's just around the corner. (By the way, did you know that for just eight pounds each day, the six of us could travel on a family ticket from Goodge Street Tube to any one of the stations in Zones 1 & 2 -- or by bus -- to all the galleries, museums, parks and shops.)

And apart from the fact that we could easily walk down to Oxford Street then right along the other end to Selfridges and Hyde Park, the older two girls also made the most of Charing Cross Road and "Theatreland". It was great to see their confidence in being able to walk down Tottenham Court Road and into Charing Cross Road to "do over" the bookshops, one by one, in the early evenings.

Again, please accept our thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

Geoff Lacey

Judy & Tony White write


From: (awhyte)

Subject: Regards
Dear everyone at Scala,

We arrived in Australia on Sun 18th January after two weeks in the USA which we enjoyed immensely.

We want to thank you all for being so courteous, helpful and friendly. We really had a marvellous time in London made even more so because of our excellent accomodation. We shall advise all our friends to try to stay with you. It really felt like home especially after a month.

It is very difficult to settle to life here as it is such a small, quiet town and it is so very hot at present. We hope the carpet laying proceeds without a hitch.

Best wishes

Judy and Tony Whyte and boys

6th Dec-3rd Jan

Aletter from W. A. Robison

From: (Warobison)

Dear Palos Family (and staff at Scala House),

I'm sorry we have not written sooner to thank all of you for helping make our London trip such a great experience for the whole group.

I hope that you have had a very nice holiday and that the new year is a prosperous and happy one for you. I have tried to attach a packet of grits to this e-mail several times, but none of my mail attachments seems to work with it (perhaps I should try it with the non-instant kind). We are planning to send a case so that you will have them at the ready whenever you have more guests from the American south.

Our accommodations at Scala House could not have been better. The kids really enjoyed having that much room to spread out all their junk. (I just hope the cleaning crew was able to carry away all the garbage they must have left.) Everyone really went out of the way to make the group feel welcome.

We certainly intend to return to Scala for future trips to London (and we will recommend you highly here and on our homepage on the Internet). We have scanned some pictures already and should have this trip up on our page within two or three weeks. (Check us out at

A letter from Debbie & Di

From: Debbie Hawkins

Dear Ken and the guys:

Greetings from the U.S., especially Wisconsin...from Deb & Diane. Hopefully, you all will remember us. We had a good flight back, although there was a 45 minute delay due to some mechancial problem with the plane. Glad they fixed it before we left. We had a great time in your London. You all were a huge part of what has left countless memories for us all.

We have already recommended you to several people who are in the process of planning trips to your city later this year.

We took 13 rolls of film, and we are glad to say that they turned out beautifully. Although they don't do justice to the awesome stained glass windows, they will forever remind us of what we saw.

Hope you are all well. We returned to several feet of snow. Yuck!

Thanks again - Deb & Di

What Waltraut Lehmann wrote to me.

Dear Palos Family,

I just received your message this morning, and I wanted to thank you on behalf of Frank, Christopher, and myself. You have such a wonderful place to stay at, and we also felt that one of the outstanding features that distinguishes Scala House is that everything regarding costs and what you get for what you pay is very straightforward. I'm delighted that I can continue to feel that way, and continue to tell others accordingly.

We look forward to staying with you again.

Right now, we have gray, drizzly Seattle weather. But we had a few very lovely days, as you had heard. Yesterday, Christopher and I spent some time at our Seattle zoo, which reminded us of our outing to the Regents Park Zoo! Thank you again, and best regards to all of you!

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